Virginia Intermont College



The neighborhood surrounding Virginia Intermont College is a well-established suburban area, made up of small to medium sized single family homes and apartment complexes.  The median home price is $125,924 and the average rental rate is $293, making it a relatively inexpensive neighborhood to live in.  Because of the neighborhood’s proximity to Virginia Intermont College, it is a fairly walkable area with a young and trendy feel.

This area is primarily inhabited by residents of mixed ages of relatively low income.  Most residents are employed in managerial and executive office positions.  Many others work in sales, service jobs, and in tech support.

Most residents of the Virginia Intermont College area average a 15 minute or less work commute.  The neighborhoods’ residents by large travel in a privately owned vehicle or carpool.  Because of the relative distance to local businesses, a private vehicle is helpful for the daily commute to work.



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